Democracy Dies in Darkness

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Watch live coverage of the impeachment trial. (Video: The Post; photo: Reuters)
The description by defense attorneys in advance of his trial conflicts with the timeline of events and accounts of people around him that day.
His attorneys’ arguments in the trial are expected to revolve around a First Amendment defense of his fiery speech before the violent Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and a challenge to the legality of putting a former president on trial.
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Eight minority correctional officers in Minnesota filed the racial discrimination lawsuit, which also claimed that the former police officer charged in George Floyd’s killing received special treatment while jailed.
Officials acknowledge the effort is complicated by the Pentagon’s lack of clarity on the extent of the threat following the U.S. Capitol riot.
The steak, by Israeli company Aleph Farms, is a lab-grown rib-eye made using 3-D bioprinting technology and animal cells. (Aleph Farms)
The new meat-making process, developed with research partners at the Israel Institute of Technology, prints living cells that are incubated on a plant-based matrix to grow, differentiate and interact to achieve the texture and qualities of a real steak.?
Photo: Brian Monroe/The Washington Post
What we know about the latest coronavirus variants
Some experts fear vaccines may be less effective against strains of the coronavirus that were first found in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil.
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“This is a simple charade to inflict political damage to Trump,” Jason Miller told The Post.
Bipartisan group calls on president to ‘deliver on your promise’ to expand access in early test of administration’s opioid strategy.
(Jonathan Newton /The Washington Post)
The New Mexico congresswoman still almost certainly has the votes for confirmation, but she has become a focus point for Republicans’ frustration with President Biden's climate policies.
Inmates yell from broken windows at the St. Louis Justice Center on Saturday. (Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch via AP)
Advocates allege that pandemic protocols have kept inmates in de facto solitary confinement and minded by jail staffers who do not maintain proper safety protocols. But city officials say they have provided appropriate treatment and equipment.?
The near miss incident was the latest alarming sign that critical infrastructure in the United States is vulnerable to cyberattacks.
Anton Black’s parents, Antone and Jennell Black, speak to a crowd during a protest in Chestertown in June. (Courtland Milloy/The Post)
Months after George Floyd’s death sparked a national demand to overhaul policing, Maryland lawmakers are launching a historic effort to drop its Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights.
  • Officials in D.C. region try to combat vaccine hesitancy while seeking more doses
(Evan Vucci/AP)
The existing federal minimum wage, $7.25 an hour, has not been changed since 2009 and remains below historic levels when adjusted for inflation.
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